Hey, do you like sports?,no?, yes?,or you don’t know, well here you can read about sports (if you like or not) and different styles. Now, I want to ask, which is your favourite sport?, it is football, basketball, swimming, volleyball, gymnastic or I don’t. (tell me in the comments).OK, it’s a very large introduction, do you want to start? I think yes!,so 3… 2… 1… GO!

What is?

Fist, I have to explain you, what sport means: Sport is an activity that you realize using your body, for example: play football, you use your legs to kick the balloon. Do sport is healthy for you because can have more condition and your joins don’t hurt.


-First you have to warm you body with small stretching

-If you don’t know how to do the sport, ask or search in the internet

-start with the easy part and then you wet results

-eat healthy (this is an important part)

Why te sport is god for you:

Sometimes sport is something that we don’t like but we have to do to get healthy your body and all of you, you can do many types of exercises and the exercise that you prefer or you like. The only think is that if you do exercise you can be better in many thinks, so go, and do exercise


Hi, in this part of the website you can learn about all the types of music. Music its cool, because you understand the feeling, only you need to listed the song, and you identify the feeling of the artists, or the people who write the letter of the song. You feel what is the feeling that the artist have when decide to write this song.


-The first tip for you, when you sing in front of many people is, breath and believe in yourself, you are incredible.

-The second tips is, if you are in a music exam, or in a casting, is be yourself, and give it the better part of you.

-the final tip is when you don’t have water to drink, and you need to I’d rate you. You reserve saliva in your mouth and a wall on it.

Extra information:

You need to warm, before you use your voice for hard work, like (high notes, low notes, scream, or force you voice). You need to warm before that so as not to hurt you.


Excellent you decide to start with draw!,I am going to teach you three styles of draw: traditional draw, abstract draw and digital draw.If you want you can go to search a pen and a paper to start drawing.

How does drawing help you?

Well the draw helps you in the creativity, focus and strategic thinking, improves holistic health, develops communication, reduce stress levels and is great, fun and entertaining (helps coordination).

Abstract draw:

if ever you’ve studied the work of abstract artist like Wassily Kandinsky and Piet Mondrian, each creates abstraction tough the use of line and shapes. Emulate their methods by creating flowing, curved lines with some straight lines in the mix. Complete your composition by colouring in various spaces enclosed by the lines you created.

Digital draw:

digital draw is like traditional draw but with a tablet, you can use different apps to star digital draw and if you can use a digital pen if is going to be amazing.My tips for digital draw is to star fist with traditional draw to learn how to draw more easer and then you can star drawing on a tablet.

traditional draw:

when starting a drawing, you always have to think about what you want to draw. That is, at least, the first step. After the materials to be used are chosen and, whether it is being drawn on a white, lined or squared sheet, there should always be a base.

We can base ourselves on references images(easier) or create our own drawings (fan arts) and for that when starting we must always take into account the following:

sketch or base grids


After establishing a base, the following is to start with the work for the drawing, this is learned by pressing lightly in pencil and then being able to erase them at the time of outlying in the end you do the details.

About the page

Hi!, here you can search different thinks about what can you do if you are bored, ok…Fist I’m going to ask, do you like sports?draw? Or music?,If the answer was yes this is the perfect webpage for you.The purposes of this website is that you can do thinks that are healthy and don’t be bored in any moment.


hello, you found the part of draw…don’t scroll, in this part you can learn tips about draw and different styles of drawing .If you don’t know how to draw we can teach you and learn together, you can go and explore in this part of the website what do you want to know, so you come? ,If not continue reading there are others sections.


you’re not a lot of drawing right?,well here we have different thinks that you might like.Do you like swimming?,dancing?,football? Or basketball?.In this section you can search about sport’s and how you can play, also you can read about equipment and famous player on different sport’s.If you don’t like too much we have another section for you.


Music, who does not liked music? None one right?. In this section of the website you can learn how to play basic instruments like: piano, guitar, ukulele, etc.You don’t like instruments?, don’t worry…also you can learn who to sing and learn on what type of music you feel more identified or relax,so come one and star singing.